Nikon D5500 Review


Nikon D5500 – style and Handling

The Nikon D5500 uses a brand new type of DSLR body for Nikon. It’s smaller and lighter than the D5300, however the look changes aren’t very regarding miniaturising this camera.

At 420g (body only) it’s a big 60g lighter than the D5300 and at 124 x ninety seven x 70mm it’s slightly smaller too. However, it’s really aiming for associate all-around completely different feel. just like the Nikon D750, the D5500 incorporates a abundant deeper grip than previous Nikon cameras, supplying you with a more leisurely, firmer hold.

On the body finish of the grip there’s merely tons a lot of curvature for your fingers to wrap around

Part of what makes this doable could be a new construction vogue. instead of polycarbonate (plastic) or a atomic number 12 alloy, the Nikon D5500 is created of a carbon fibre composite this is often effectively fibre-reinforced plastic. This presumptively lets Nikon use less volume of fabric to induce a similar strength. Simple.

The feel is completely different, however the design and layout area unit like the D5300. You get 2 manual management dials: one around D-pad on the armor plate and one on the highest plate. These combined with the normal PASM mode dial give an honest balance of accessibility and management.

The ‘i’ button has affected from close to the shutter to down by the rear pad for easier access, however otherwise it’s acquainted.

Nikon D5500 – Screen and options

There’s one different huge amendment, though. The show could be a touchscreen, wherever the Nikon D5300 is non-touch. similarly as material possession you employ bit focusing in Live read, the bit show will work as another manual device once shooting with the optical device. for instance, there’s a setting to form a swipe gesture across it alter ISO.

Of course, if you’re very once manual management you would possibly wish to contemplate the Canon 760D instead, a camera of a similar level however with a lot of pro-style controls.

For the a lot of easy-going lensman, though, the Nikon D5500 has everything you wish. similarly as tight manual controls and a friendly layout, the screen folds out on a vari-angle hinge.

This makes shooting at odd angles abundant easier, that is created all the higher due to the Nikon D5500’s light-weight weight.

The screen itself is nice too. It’s a 3.2-inch {lcd|liquid crystal show|LCD|digital display|alphanumeric display} display of one.04M-dot resolution, and gets you fairly correct color and sensible sharpness. It’s on-par with the other cameras during this upper-entry-level category.

Of course, as a comparatively reasonable model, the Nikon D5500 uses a pentamirror optical optical device instead of the brighter, clearer (but a lot of expensive) pentaprism kind. However, it’s still fairly clear and quite giant too.

It seems larger than the Nikon D5200’s optical device, for instance, with 0.82x magnification rather than zero.78x.

The Nikon D5500 has Wi-Fi, material possession you transfer pictures to a mobile exploitation the Nikon Wireless Mobile Utility app. It conjointly allows you to management the shutter wirelessly.

However, Nikon has really cut out the opposite property staple, GPS. The Nikon D5300 has GPS, however this costlier model doesn’t. Disappointing? affirmative, particularly because the GP-1A GPS module accent prices £189. as an alternative you’ll be able to tag the photos yourself. however WHO desires to try to to that?

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