Samsung Galaxy S10 release date and price

The Samsung Galaxy S10 unleash date was weekday, March eight and it had been declared on Feb twenty, with pre-orders gap quickly in some countries. In the US, Galaxy S10 pre-orders started on Feb twenty one.

There’s a hitch or 2 in Samsung’s masterplan to induce everybody to upgrade to the present explicit telephone. The Samsung S10 launch value was overpriced, additional thus than the Galaxy S9, though it’s markedly higher worth than the iPhone XS, that is costlier and contains a smaller five.8-inch screen.

It’s on sale through Amazon within the US and B&H pic, tho’ it’s still a substantial investment. The Galaxy S10e is cheaper and virtually nearly as good, whereas the Galaxy S10 and is that the phone you’ll need if you’ll handle its value and screen size – and that’s to mention nothing of the Galaxy S10 5G and therefore the Samsung Galaxy Fold, that early adopters might seek for true innovation at a better value.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 value starts at $899 / £799 / AU$1,349 / AED three,199 for the 128GB of storage model, that means you are defrayment an extra $180 / £60 / AED a hundred on this phone over the S9 launch value.

If you wish additional storage (and don’t desire to use the microSD slot within the Galaxy S10) you’ll prefer the 512GB model that prices $1,149 / £999 / AU$1,699.

If you wish the planning of this phone however suppose that value may be a small indefinite quantity high notice that Apple charges $100 / £200 / AU$430 additional for the smaller five.8-inch iPhone XS with 0.5 the inner storage, 64GB.


Samsung’s screens area unit thus sensible “our competitors area unit even victimisation them”, Samsung whole manager Paul Guzek told TechRadar, Associate in Nursing all-too-obvious dig at Apple. It’s arduous to disagree.

In fact, the Samsung S10’s vi.1-inch 19:9 Super AMOLED board appearance higher than something Samsung sells its rivals, and it has been topped the foremost color correct smartphone show ever.

It has elegantly arched edges with pixels that spill over the perimeters, amped-up brightness for higher outside visibility, and HDR10+ support for superior distinction and color.

There’s a QHD+ resolution too, that creates a component density of 550ppi, guaranteeing everything on screen is very careful. However, the phone defaults to Full HD+, that appearance nearly as good and you most likely will not notice a distinction on a phone this size, unless you are victimisation it for VR 2 inches from your face. It additionally saves battery life by burning fewer pixels.

The new Infinity-O show sort is what stands out – for higher or worse. Samsung has with success avoided a notch cut-out at the highest of its flagship phones, instead employing a laser-cut hole within the top-right corner of the screen to infix the front-facing camera, as on the respect read twenty.

Is a ‘punch-hole’ camera additional or less distracting than a notch? From our time with the Samsung S10 to date, we’d say less. It sits well to the correct within the notification bar, providing lots of house for the time, battery and property icons, likewise as any notifications you’ll have.

It’s additionally given Samsung additional screen land to play with than ever, and don’t let the larger vi.1-inch screen size scare you off.

The S10’s dimensions area unit 149.9 x 70.4 x 7.8mm (and it weighs 157g), thus it’s solely marginally taller and wider than the S9 with its five.8-inch screen, and perceptibly dilutant and a touch lighter.

Those marginal will increase tall and breadth area unit because of the Samsung S10’s screen-to-body magnitude relation of ninety three.1% (the S9 was eighty three.6%). The S10 and sports that vi.4-inch screen with constant screen-to-body magnitude relation and a pleasant size if you’ll handle it. However, if you are cautious of false corner touches (especially once typing) because of the bezel-less edges, persist with the conventional S10.

Bezel will define the highest and bottom of this show, even though we have a tendency to aforesaid it wasn’t huge. Samsung’s prime speaker still reigns, and there’s a skinny however noticeable chin across the bottom; it’s less edge instead of bezel-less.

And the incontrovertible fact that very cheap edge is larger than the highest one catches our eye – it should be additional distracting than the punch-hole.

There’s very little to dislike relating to the new show – if the Infinity-O doesn’t distract daily, and as mentioned we’ll update this review after we have additional active time with the S10.


You’re not planning to be to a fault stunned by the remainder of the Samsung Galaxy S10 style, tho’ there area unit some notable enhancements, 2 hidden surprises, Associate in Nursingd an recent classic here.

Its dilutant aluminium frame is sandwiched between swish glass, with the rear returning in your alternative of color: wading bird Pink, Prism Black, Prism Blue, Prism White, yellow and Prism inexperienced. Samsung Galaxy S10 colours can vary by region, with the US obtaining well-nigh yellow and inexperienced.

There’s the littlest of camera bumps on the rear, housing the triple-lens camera array, whereas we have a tendency to saw no signs of Samsung’s invisible reverse wireless charging module below this. It’s a very clean look in an exceedingly world of camera bumps and rear-fingerprint sensors.

We had no problem activating Samsung’s Wireless PowerShare feature once turning it on via the short settings notification shade. we have a tendency to placed our Galaxy Buds case on the lower third of the S10 back and therefore the earbuds began charging virtually instantly. It even charged our iPhone XS grievous bodily harm.

Samsung set out 2 eventualities during which Wireless PowerShare would be helpful: charging a friend’s phone, or charging your Galaxy Buds in the dark, effectively creating your plugged-in S10 a mobile vim charger pad. Samsung noted, though, that PowerShare won’t work once the phone is below half-hour.

Possibly the most effective bit concerning the Samsung Galaxy S10 tho’ is its size. As we’ve already mentioned, it measures 149.9 x 70.4 x 7.8mm, and considering the dimensions of the screen is nestles amazingly well within the palm.

View our Samsung Galaxy S10 active gallery

It’s doable to use the Samsung S10 one-handed, with the arched edges on the front and rear serving to to present the result that the phone is narrower than it truly is.

That said, the glass and metal body does not worship an enormous quantity of grip, thus if you are accident prone we’d advocate finding out a case – even though it’s simply a slim semiconducting material job – to supply additional traction in your hand.

Also invisible – this point round the front – is that the fingerprint detector. whereas loads of humanoid phones have used a rear-facing fingerprint detector, Samsung curst the front-facing physical detector pad all the far to the Galaxy S7.

So the switch to the rear felt foreign on Samsung phones – however it’s come to the front within the S10, this point tucked beneath the glass.

This is Associate in Nursing inaudible fingerprint detector, totally different from the optical sensors on the OnePlus 6T and Huawei Mate twenty professional, for instance.

Samsung uses Qualcomm-backed technical school that’s aforesaid to be higher, and safer, by creating a 3D scan of your print, and it will work if your fingers area unit wet or cold – 2 eventualities optical scanners struggle with.

It works moderately well, however it is not a quick as Associate in Nursing optical fingerprint scanner. you will not be left waiting – it still takes but a second to scan, register and unlock the S10, however it lacks the nada of scanners not embedded within the show.

There additionally appears to be a rather higher failure rate too. you wish to be precise along with your finger placement, and you may got to apply a touch pressure for it to figure. It takes a touch obtaining wont to, however things do improve.

And here’s a welcome classic that hasn’t modified since the primary S phone a decade ago: the three.5mm earpiece jack.

Samsung is one in every of the few phone manufacturers that has the quality earpiece jack in 2019 – and it’s doing it despite introducing the wireless Galaxy Buds and reducing the thickness of the Galaxy S10.


Samsung desires you to require photos at any angle, therefore the Galaxy S10 contains a triple-lens camera on back with a 12MP regular lens, 12MP optically zoomed optical lens, and a current 16MP ultra-wide lens.

We found that the Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 and have constant cameras – on the rear a minimum of. Here’s our mixture of shots throughout of month and a half testing:
The Galaxy S10 camera takes wonderful photos, even in mixed and low lightweight conditions. it is not too dark on our subject, US Mobile Editor David Lumb, and therefore the bright moving flames area unit captured with detail while not being overexposed.

Here’s constant shot in Live Focus (Samsung’s portrait mode). It properly blurs the background, and you’ll modification the background blur intensity even once the shot is taken. Samsung additionally includes blur filters: inventive, spin, zoom and color purpose (which during this case created the background black and white). they are truly extremely cool wanting.

Shot suggestions helped US frame the shot. This camera graticule is useful and you do not got to snap the pic. The shutter simply activates after you hover over the graticule ‘Best Shot’ dot. however it is not continually correct. typically it stuck the circle eccentric in an exceedingly cluster shot for no apparent reason. Overall, it is a nice bit with some area for improvement.

In our current Galaxy S10 camera review, we’ve detected subjects up shut with enough lightweight contain wonderful detail. Rejoice food pic takers. The scene optimizer AI works well for food.

The 12MP camera offers US loads of detail, Associate in Nursingd whereas sonority and saturation area unit cranked up a touch compared to an iPhone, Samsung’s camera not makes food look oversaturated and alien wanting. There was a time once Samsung’s cameras would create hotdogs, for instance, look fire truck red by amping up distinction.

Testing the blur result of the most camera (without shift to portrait mode) tested to present US the depth result we have a tendency to desired. robust detail within the foreground, with wealthy bokeh within the background.

We broached the background to induce that focussed, and therefore the bokeh gave our foreground some nice blur. The detail within the background is crisp – just like the deep-fried chicken.

The Galaxy S10 camera typically appearance higher than reality. Its blues and orangey-reds here extremely pop, whereas the white does not seem to be too deal together with it (before you regularly could not have one while not the other). we have a tendency to still feel the Google component three Night Sight mode will a far better job, however Samsung is extremely shut. additional comparisons to return.

Here’s a well-lit location of 2 subjects. The pic avoids being too heat, putting fairly sensible color and white balance.

Here’s constant shot from the new ultra-wide camera. The arduous half concerning such a large camera is that there is usually uncalled-for excess in there. Cropping or victimisation the regular lens is simply fine. Not each shot deserves this optical lens, however it creates a neat result within the things.

Here’s another ultra-wide pic we have a tendency to took victimisation the S10 camera. this can be a additional applicable image demonstrating a number of the weather you’d miss with the tighter regular lens.

The S10 is sweet at active trailing fast-moving subjects. Case in purpose, it had been ready to capture these bright flames as they affected within the city wind. they are crisp, not blurry, and not overexposed despite the camera additionally eager to capture the dark stones.

We still notice the Samsung’s camera to amp up sonority and saturation, additionally applying Associate in Nursing Instagram filter before time. This works well for US, however comes all the way down to style. The iPhone XS we have a tendency to use usually has true-to-life colours, however next to the S10 or Google component three, they give the impression of being rather drab.

We’ve taken a tough explore the Galaxy S10 camera and the way its photos compare to those of the class-leading component three, then determined however sensible the ultra-wide photos look. Our conclusion? Samsung’s camera comes shut, however Google’s post-processing package still engineers a far better pic.

The main S10 camera exhibit punchy, Instagram-ready colours and appears higher than the muted photos out of Associate in Nursing iPhone in most cases. It’s one in every of the most effective camera phones out currently. However, its HDR artistry will, at times, blow out bright backgrounds throughout daytime shots. And lowlight, whereas adequate, will have serious noise reduction to cut back grain. That solely ends up in loads of skin smoothing, as if you set on beauty mode after you did not.

The good news is that we have a tendency to found the Galaxy S10 camera to be additional versatile and fun in some ways that. view instance, the ultra-wide camera’s 123-degree field of read. It serves the aim of not having to make a copy to induce everything in an exceedingly shot, one thing you will not get on the component three.
The ultra-wide camera is not sharp (there’s no authority on this lens like there’s on the opposite rear lenses) and you may got to be careful for unnatural optical lens explore the sides. Anyone unfortunate to air the sides of a gaggle pic will exhibit ‘fat face.’ however once it works, you are extremely glad you’ve got this selection. simply pack everybody into the middle of cluster shots, and leave the scenery on the sides. Ultra-wide photos work very well for landscape shots, once folks are not the most subject.

What we have a tendency to got the foremost use out of is that the new Live Focus filter possibility. Specifically, the colour purpose filter permits you to travel on the far side straightforward bokeh by creating the background black-and-white, whereas keeping your subject within the foreground in color. The camera does not continually get the snap right, however keep pressing the shutter button and it will alter and fathom a way to separate the monochrome background from the colour foreground eventually.
On the front, we’ve got one 10MP camera. If you upgrade to the S10 and, you’ll additionally get Associate in Nursing 8MP camera meant for enhancing depth in portrait photos. In our tests, the distinction area unit minor. Samsung’s S10 single front-facing camera relied heavily on package to blur the sides around our hair. The S10 and dual-selfie cam did higher.

Scene optimizer gains ten new classes, with Samsung’s camera AI currently ready to tell the distinction between a cat and dog to fine tune things like white balance. Shot Suggestions may be a new feature that uses the neural processor engine to nudge you to properly level your shots or frame subjects higher.
On the video aspect, the package has been upgraded to record supply Digital Video Stabilization. Samsung says that this can be meant to create all of your immoderate HD video as swish as Associate in Nursing action cam. Shots pink-slipped, GoPro Hero7 Black.

There’s additionally HDR10+ recording, that is important as a result of last year’s S9 did not supply HDR recording in any respect (when different phones from Sony had this feature). It pulls in an exceedingly wider quantity of distinction, tho’ the HEVC (smaller files) codec turns off after you modify Samsung’s lab-labeled HDR10+ feature within the settings. It worked well for US, however expect higher file sizes and perhaps some hiccups, because it seems to be experimental.
Specs and performance

The Samsung Galaxy S10 gets correct under-the-hood upgrades, touting the new top-of-the-line flower or Exynos chipsets, betting on that country you reside in.

It’s masses quick. The Qualcomm flower 855 chipset we have a tendency to benchmarked came back with a best multi-score speed… for humanoid. The iPhone XS continues to be a touch quicker, however Samsung is extremely shut at eleven,002 to Apple’s eleven,481. this can be the primary time we are able to say this. The gap is sometimes loads wider.
It additionally comes with 8GB of RAM – a significant upgrade over the 4GB of RAM in last year’s S9 – and includes choices for 128GB or 512GB of internal storage. There’s no 64GB version to stress concerning here, and Samsung still supports expandable storage.

Also aboard is next-gen Wi-Fi vi, which is able to support seamless transition between Wi-Fi routers and is fourfold quicker than 802.11ax. It ought to deliver a 2 hundredth speed boost, however you’ll would like a brand new router to actually get any use out of this feature.

What you won’t get on this phone is that the S10 and and Note 9-exclusive vapor chamber cooling. If you’re a gamer, you’ll need to upgrade to the larger phone for quite simply the larger screen.

You’re additionally planning to miss out on humanoid alphabetic character for a short while. Google’s current beta for the component three and different phones does not embody any Samsung phones and possibly will not long once the ultimate package launches in August. Samsung is notoriously slow to update its S phones to ensuing version of humanoid, typically taking an entire year to try and do thus. By then, the Samsung Galaxy S11 are going to be out.

Battery life

The Samsung Galaxy S10 packs in an exceedingly three,400mAh battery, Associate in Nursing upgrade over the three,000mAh capability of the Galaxy S9.

However, due to the rise in screen size, Samsung continues to be quoting constant “all-day” battery life for the S10 because it did for its forerunner, and that we found this to be true.

We often need to the top of day with around 2 hundredth left within the tank, with our usage together with a handful of hours of Spotify streaming, another 2 hours of video, a variety of social electronic messaging, Associate in Nursing hour or 2 of vice and a smattering of emails, net browsing and camera use throughout the day.

With additional reserved use, it’s doable to induce each day and a 0.5 from the Galaxy S10 before you’ve got to considering finding a charger.

Running the TechRadar battery take a look at, wherever we have a tendency to play a ninety minute full HD video with the screen at full brightness and accounts syncing over Wi-Fi within the background, the Galaxy S10 lost simply St Martin’s Day.

That’s constant result because the iPhone XS, and a marked improvement over the Galaxy S9 that born 17 November within the same take a look at. It suggests that you’ll be ready to be a handful of flicks on the S10 and still have lots of juice left within the tank.

The Galaxy S10 supports wireless charging, just like the previous generation, however Samsung has additional a brand new feature here too. It’s known as Wireless PowerShare and permits you to use the Galaxy S10 as a wireless charging mat for your different wirelessly charging devices.

Any device that supports the vim wireless charging customary is charged by being placed on the rear of the S10, together with the new Samsung Galaxy Buds likewise because the most up-to-date iPhones.

Charging speeds area unit slow, however if your friend is in desperate would like of some power and there’s no charger in view, you’ll probably become even additional widespread.



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