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How to update Internet Explorer


How to upgrade to Internet Explorer 11, the latest version of IE
 What is the latest version of Internet Explorer?
 Microsoft's Edge browser
 IE support on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP

How to upgrade to Internet Explorer 11, the latest version of IE
Identify your language from their language list (for example, English) and then click the 32-bit or 64-bit link to get that version for your computer. If you are not sure which download link to choose, read it.

Not using Windows 7? Refer to the "iSupport" section below for more information on IE11 in other versions of Windows.
The downloads at the link above are for full, offline versions of IE11, which means downloading all the installation files you need. They welcome the online version they offer here, but if you have trouble installing your current IE or you want to keep the file on a flash drive or any other media, offline is best.

You should only update Internet Explorer from Microsoft! A number of legitimate websites offer Internet Explorer downloads, but many non-legitimate legitimate websites do the same. Your best bet is Browser Developer - Updated directly from Microsoft.

There really is it. Internet Explorer will automatically update (or upgrade) your preferences, leaving cookies, form history, and saved passwords completely intact.

Extended updates to Internet Explorer, such as the one you found in the Patch Tuesday package that fixes minor bugs or fixes security issues, are always best received through Windows Update.
What is the latest version of Internet Explorer?

The latest version of Internet Explorer is IE11

See what version of Internet Explorer I have? Not sure if you are up to date
In most cases, the latest version of Internet Explorer will be installed automatically at some point after it is released via Windows Update.
How do I install Windows Update? To help.
Microsoft's Edge browser

Internet Explorer will eventually be replaced by a browser called Edge (formerly Spartan) which is currently only available in Windows 10.
Edge is not available for download from Microsoft for any version of Windows. It is included as part of Windows 10 and is only available if you use Windows 10.
See where I can download Windows 10? If you are interested in trying Windows 10 AJ, you do not yet have this version of Windows.
IE support on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP

IE 11 is included in Windows 10 and Windows 8.1, so you don't have to download it from Microsoft. You can install IE 11 on Windows 7 by downloading and installing as per the instructions above.

If you are still using Windows 8, IE10 is the latest version of IE that you can use. IE11 free is included in the Windows 8.1 update. See how to update to Windows 8.1 to help with this.

The latest version of Internet Explorer for Windows Vista is IE9, available for download here (choose Windows Vista from the selection). For Windows XP, Internet Explorer is available from the IE8 download page, making the most out of IE8.

If you try to download versions of Internet Explorer that are not compatible with a web browser on a version of Windows (for example, if you try to get IE8 in Windows 8.1), you will be given a separate page first, but you can simply download it anyway. Click. If you plan to install IE on a different (supported) computer later, you can.

Not sure which version of Windows is installed on your computer? See which version of Windows I have? This is for easy instructions to determine.


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