How to transfer photos from iPhone to Android

transfer photos from iPhone to Android

Users have the option to select Use Cellular Data to back up, but it is advisable to leave this option and wait until you get a Wi-Fi connection to back up images in Google Photos so as not to consume limited data bandwidth.

If they want to save images in high quality or original formats
If anyone wants to share images via Google Photos they want to know about them
If they want to turn Google Photos notifications on or off.

Once users have chosen their preferences, Google Photos Photos will back up all images and videos from iPhone to Google Photos. A complete backup can take minutes to hours.

Once the backup is complete, users can sign in to the same Google Photos account on the Android device and view all the iPhone photos on the Android device. Users will then be able to download the photos from Google Photos and save them to their Android smartphone's storage.

Images will always be available in Google Photos.

Enjoy sharing photos easily between iOS and Android.
How to share a few iOS photos via Google Photos

Users can transfer images from any iOS device to Android device without backing up their entire image collection. Many iPhone users will use AirDrop to share a handful of photos with other iPhone users; With Google Photos, iOS users can send images to their Android friends in a similar fashion.

Open Google Photos and select the photo (s) you want to share.

Tap the photos you want to share photos with in the Google Photos account. If you want to send a note with the image, tap to send a message, then tap Send.

Android users will receive a notification on their device. They must open Google Photos and tap to share in the bottom right corner of the screen.

On the results page, Android users will see all the images shared with them. They can tap your shared image, then tap the cloud icon in the top right corner of the screen to add the image to their personal Google Photos library.
How to send a Google Photo Sharing Album from iPhone to Android

Google Photos users on iOS can create a shared album to share images with Android friends.

Open Google Photos and tap the three-dot menu icon in the search bar.

Tap the shared album, select the images you want to include in the album, then tap Next.

Once the album is created, users can give it a title and add a message. Tap Share, select the Google Photos contacts you want to share the album with, then tap Send.

Android users will receive an email inviting them to view their album. Once accepted, they can select the cloud icon to add images to their personal Google Photos library.

Either iOS users or Android users can add more images to the album and send messages between the albums.

Enjoy sharing photos between iOS and Android.
How to automatically share photos with Google Photos Partner

Google Photos allows users to add partners to their account. This partner will automatically take specific photos based on how the user sets up the account.

Anyone with an iPhone can set up their Android user spouse, family member or close friend as a partner account so they don't have to share photos or albums manually every single time.

To add a partner account:

 IPhone users must first open Google Photos, then tap the three-time icon in the search bar to bring up the Google Photos menu.

Tap Add partner account, then tap Start.

The main user can give the partner access to all photos or photos of specific people.

The second option takes users to a page that includes snapshots of all people, including photos, in that Google Photos library. An iOS user can choose their individual family members, for example, to send their Android user Vibil, who is setting up their account as a partner.

Select to return to the previous settings page, then select Next.

Select send invitation. Google Photo will ask for security measures such as phone passwords, PINs, patterns, fingerprints, or iris to confirm the request.

Once confirmed, Android users will receive a notification accepting the invitation. After acknowledging, they will be able to see the shared library in their Google Photos menu.

Selecting a shared library will bring up all the images in that library. When iOS users take photos that include any of the people they choose, the photos will automatically appear in the Android user's partner library. Android users can tap the cloud icon to add images to their personal Google Photos library.

If iOS users select all photos, any photos they take will be displayed in their partner's library.

To end the connection between iPhone and Android devices, go to the partner library of both devices and tap the three-dot icon in the top right corner. Tap Settings, remove partner, then confirm. Partners will be removed from both devices.

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