17 Best Android Tablet Apps

Best Android Tablet Apps


Best Android Tablet Apps, there is no way to search for feeds for Fidley Free users (only Pro and Team Plans can do this).

FD is an RSS reader application that automatically downloads the latest articles and posts from sites including RSS feeds. The interface is easy to use, it syncs between devices and you can follow as many topics and feeds as you like.

Follow a few topics or RSS feeds and then your news feed will automatically refresh when you log in.

Pocket is a free save online reading application that lets you customize your own news feed. Save stories, articles, news, videos, and more from any publisher or app on your tablet. Use the tablet app to read all the articles you didn't have time to read before.

GenIO is a digital newsstand application that gives you access to magazines around the world. Use the larger screen on your tablet to enjoy a traditional themed magazine formatting experience or use the innovative text mode for a more modern reading experience. Selected articles are free, others require a subscription to the magazine.

Pressreader is an online magazine and newspaper reader. For a monthly subscription, readers get access to more than 7,000 magazines and newspapers around the world. Even without a subscription, PressReader gives you complimentary access to their entire catalog while you're at one of their hotspots; You can easily find them through their site or app.

Libre by Overdrive is an ebook and audiobook platform bound to libraries around the world. Just open the app, connect it to your local library, and you can borrow e-books and audiobooks for free with your library card. Download books for offline reading, send books to your Kindle app, and search your reading history in the app's Activity tab.

Moon + Reader is a non-frills, another e-reader application for basic reader searchers on their tablet. It supports a wide range of e-book formats, including 10+ themes, gesture control, auto-scrolling, and syncing multiple devices via Dropbox.

Flipboard is a news reader application where you can create your own virtual magazine. The app simply chooses interests to find related articles for you or to add feeds to your favorite site RSS and social media. Flipboards also make it easy to share stories on your social media feed as well as display everything in an easy way to read. While it’s great on a smartphone, it’s even better on a tablet because you can take advantage of the larger screen size.

Our review for the Amazon Kindle app

Amazon Kindle is a free app that you can buy and download books. Tablets make good ebook readers because of the large screens. The Kindle app has a variety of lesson options and settings, including book downloads for offline reading. The app is flexible enough for you to import non-Amazon books or documents, including PDF and TXT files.

The Google Play Books app is another great free ebook reader. Like the Kindle app, you can buy books from the Google Play Store or upload your own PDF or EPUB file to read. It has a list of good free books that you can download in your app.

Our review about Netflix

Grandpa of all streaming services, Netflix is ​​great to use on your tablet to take advantage of the big screen. It has a huge selection of shows, movies and documentaries and streams videos to HDR10 and Dolby Vision videos. Use the app to enjoy your show on a larger tablet screen instead of your smartphone.

The free trial is not long enough to fully understand how to use the app.

The Autodesk Sketchbook app is a digital drawing and painting app for tablets. Whether you are a casual drawer or a professional artist, you can use Sketchbook to capture any of your ideas. Snap a picture of a drawing and import it into the app to finish it with color and effect. Draw with pencil, ink, markers or any of the 190 customizable brushes available in the app to help you incorporate textures and shapes into your drawings.

Some of the touches required to use the features are not obvious to casual users.

Snapseed provides a free photo editing app and serious tools that are usually found in higher priced apps. Use an editing brush or film-related filter to give your photos a professional touch. Portraits and main pose modes give ultimate control over selfies and other photos with the people in them so you can highlight eyes, smooth skin, change background focus and much more. Undo and re-options make it easy to try to change your photos without committing to them, and with full edit history you can easily remove or reapply previous effects

Our review of Pixler

Pixler is a free photo editing application with a wide selection of tools and filters that you can add to any image. Edit your photos with traditional themed photography tools like contrast, crop and brightness, or adjust with fun tools like color splashes (turning green with a single color to grayscale) or doodles (freestyle drawing above photos). Pixel lets you share your edited photos directly to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, or you can save them locally to your tablet.

Lonely Planet's guide app is for those of you who want to travel. It bundles maps, proposals and budget guides for more than 100 cities around the world. From Lonely Planet's expert writers on where to stay and eat, see what attractions there are and uncover the hidden gems of these cities. You can even start learning some key phrases in different languages, so you will be ready for your trip.

A veteran of the travel app market, TripAdvisor is good for finding reviews about places to go and stay. It’s great to explore photos and videos of cities, attractions, restaurants and hotels on a tablet. Customer feedback and ratings are one of the top features of the app, allowing you to sort by city, attractions, hotels and many more ratings.

Bookmark your favorites and come back to them to plan your next trip (or just look at the pictures again). When you sign up for a profile in the app, you'll see your favorite places, ratings, and more. You can also follow people through the app, which is especially readily available if you find someone with similar tastes, making it easy to go and see new places.

Discover new recipes to try with the Dinner Spinner app of all recipes. Using this app on your tablet will feature great pictures, reviews and clear instructions to make meal time a breeze. Bookmark recipes to try later or share via email, Pinterest or Facebook. You can even watch videos of recipes to learn new techniques or see how others make it.

Sadly, the Dinner Spinner feature is not included in the tablet version of the app, which allows you to randomize a recipe based on any ingredient or food type, but it is still a great app for browsing recipes.

Kitchen Stories is a free recipe app, but it contains videos of executive chefs creating recipes instead of just text. There is a featured video recipe every day with an inspirational video to expand your cooking piece. It is suitable for home chefs who want more instruction in new recipes than just reading one recipe.


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