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Samsung Galaxy S Phone

Front camera: 10 MP Rear Camera: Tri-Lens 16MP, 12MP, 12MP (S10, S10 +) Dual-Lens 12MP (S10e) Initial Android version: 9.0 pi The Samsung Galaxy S10 series represents a big step up from the S9 series. Its bezel is a thin razor with a display that curves the edges of the smartphone, resulting in a 93.1 percent screen to body ratio. The S10 and S10 + have an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor embedded in the glass. Just place your thumb anywhere on the screen to unlock. Another exciting feature is that the S10 can act as a wireless charger for other compatible phones and accessories such as wireless Samsung buds. The S10 comes in 128GB or 512GB storage configuration with 8GB RAM, while the S10 + offers 1TB option with 12GB RAM. The S10 and S10 +’s primary camera has three lenses for taking regular, telephoto and ultra-wide shots. Finally, the S10 has a 5.8-inch screen and it comes with the same memory and RAM configuration as the S10. It has not three, only two rear cameras and no on-screen

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

  The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is a version of Samsung's phablet that also makes phone calls. Samsung provided the Note 8 as part of a trio of smartphone offers. The screen of a Samsung flagship smartphone called Galaxy S8 is 5.8 inches. The larger Galaxy S8 + has a 6.2-inch screen and is 2.88 inches wide. Slightly larger than the Note 8: 2.94 inches wide with a 6.3-inch screen. In addition to the big screen, the Note 8 also offers a dual rear camera that its S8 and S8 + siblings don’t have, as you’ll learn below. The key to the Note 8 has changed The Note 8 is not a Note 7 with a battery that works properly. There are five key differences between the Note 8: Device and screen size The camera Video recording Bixby Virtual Assistant The battery While the Note 8 screen is a super AMOLED like the Note 7's screen, Samsung has improved the screen resolution of the Note 8 to 2960 x1440 resolution, which is slightly better than the Note 7's 2560 x 1440 resolution. Despite the Note 8&

How to read your text on your phone

  You can compose text messages as well as send them back to your Android devices at full volume via voice commands from the operating system or from the free-to-download applications available in the Google Play Store! Voice instructions. We've listed the best practices below, with quick tutorials on how to use each one. The following guidelines should be applied considering who made your Android phone: Samsung, Google, Huawei, Xiaomi etc. How to enable "OK Google" The Google app, installed by default on most Android devices, provides basic voice texting functionality without the need for additional software. As long as you're running Android 4.4 or higher and have voice and audio functionality enabled, you're good to go. It all started with saying “OK Google”. If this feature is enabled, you will receive a response to the command. If nothing happens after you try to use this feature, you need to enable Google Voice detection. Here's how to do it: Open the Go

How to transfer photos from iPhone to Android

Users have the option to select Use Cellular Data to back up, but it is advisable to leave this option and wait until you get a Wi-Fi connection to back up images in Google Photos so as not to consume limited data bandwidth. If they want to save images in high quality or original formats If anyone wants to share images via Google Photos they want to know about them If they want to turn Google Photos notifications on or off. Once users have chosen their preferences, Google Photos Photos will back up all images and videos from iPhone to Google Photos. A complete backup can take minutes to hours. Once the backup is complete, users can sign in to the same Google Photos account on the Android device and view all the iPhone photos on the Android device. Users will then be able to download the photos from Google Photos and save them to their Android smartphone's storage. Images will always be available in Google Photos. Enjoy sharing photos easily between iOS and Android. How to share a f

How to backup your HTC smartphone

 A guide to HTC Backup and HTC Sync Manager How to backup HTC smartphone The sync manager needs to open automatically on your PC. If the software is not installed, you can download it manually from the HTC Support page. Open the Sync Manager, click Music Settings on the left panel, and then select Copy All Music from Phone. Click Apply and Sync to start the backup. Click Gallery at the top of the window, then select Import photos and videos from phone automatically. Repeat steps 3-6 each time you connect your phone to your computer. Alternatively, click the three vertical dots in the top-right corner of the HTC Sync Manager window and select Sync Settings, then select Sync automatically as soon as the phone is connected. If you're trying to create some extra space on your mobile device, delete photos and videos from the phone after importing to your PC. It removes the media from your HTC One after copying the protection.

How to switch from iOS to Android

  How to switch from iOS to Android ,while Android OS and Apple's iOS each have extremely fierce loyal users who would never think of switching to another platform, it does. In fact, many people switch more than once before choosing a winner. An Android user may be annoyed by pieces of the operating system, or an Apple user may be exhausted and drowned in a wall garden. With that switch comes the hard work of transferring important data, including a learning curve and application setup with contacts and photos. Switching from iOS to Android doesn’t have to be a hassle, especially since there are so many Google-centric apps available on iOS, it makes it easy to back up certain data. Be prepared to spend some time getting used to the new interface Set up Gmail and Sync contacts The first thing you need to do when setting up an Android smartphone is to set up a Gmail account or log in if you already use it. With the exception of email, your Gmail address acts as a login for all Google

17 Best Android Tablet Apps

  Best Android Tablet Apps, there is no way to search for feeds for Fidley Free users (only Pro and Team Plans can do this). FD is an RSS reader application that automatically downloads the latest articles and posts from sites including RSS feeds. The interface is easy to use, it syncs between devices and you can follow as many topics and feeds as you like. Follow a few topics or RSS feeds and then your news feed will automatically refresh when you log in. Pocket is a free save online reading application that lets you customize your own news feed. Save stories, articles, news, videos, and more from any publisher or app on your tablet. Use the tablet app to read all the articles you didn't have time to read before. GenIO is a digital newsstand application that gives you access to magazines around the world. Use the larger screen on your tablet to enjoy a traditional themed magazine formatting experience or use the innovative text mode for a more modern reading experience. Selected a

Top 10 Stylus Apps for Android Phones

  Stylus Apps for Android Phones, adult coloring books are a popular way to rest and survive this world in a nutshell; Color is an app that includes a bunch of free images that you can color on the go. It conveniently has a left hand mode and a huge palette of colors. You can use the bucket tool to color the image by category, or paint with a crayon using a pencil. The app has a library of premium images that you can unlock using coins (usually 10) or access everything by subscribing; 99 2.99 for one month or 99 4.99 for three months. Both subscription options have a three-day test. Coloring lets you start with 50 coins and you can buy more in blocks of 100 ($ 0.99), 250 ($ 1.99) and 600 (99 3.99). You may also see ads for coins. Google Handwriting Input is a keyboard option that can convert your handwriting to text in any Android application that supports typing. You can test the functionality of the app, but you will get a better idea of ​​what it can do when teaching, emailing, taki

Top 10 ebook readers for Android

    Ebook readers for Android,'s Kindle Reader is a huge hit. One of the things that made so popular by excluding access to its huge library of Kindle books is that provides an application for most mobile devices, including: Android, iPhone and laptops running Windows or Mac operating systems. The Kindle app remembers where it left off from any Internet-connected device, so you can start reading on your iPod and finish on your Android. One thing to keep in mind when you build your library is to keep Amazon's books with Kindle readers. They use proprietary formats instead of the industry-standard ePub format and it only locks you to buy books from Google Play Books is a bookstore from Google. They have only every smartphone or e-book reader available except Android, iPad, iPod, computer and Amazon Kindle. The Google Play Books e-book reader offers similar features to most readers, with the ability to start reading on one c

Apple Watch Health Device, Full Stop Take care of yourself!

  Apple Watch has always been a bit of a health notoriety. Even the original watch claimed at regular intervals that it was "time to stand up!" If you don't see the notification, you feel the tap on your wrist. I once theoretically said that Apple watches around the world have been synchronized (they are for the time being), because when I was in a room wearing a full Apple Watch by tech reporters we all got stand notifications at exactly the same time. One hundred heads at a time look at their wrists and you get the idea.   It was the same story with the Breath app. Apple has introduced this app in Apple Watch Series 2 and WatchOS 3 and as a stand it pops up in odd moments which I think makes most of us unconscious to remember what we do. Asking me to breathe makes me more high-conscious about immoral acts and then I start to panic about not breathing. Health is his heart In a real sense, the Apple Watch is never just about time maintenance, scheduling or access to notif

IP motion sensors in home automation systems

Using a motion detector as a sensor, a home automation system allows certain events to happen automatically. Motion detectors can automatically trigger a light to come on, a camera to start recording, or an alarm to listen to. Motion detectors can be the eye of your home automation system. How Motion Detectors Work Most modern motion detectors are PIR (passive infrared) sensors. This means that the detector does not sense motion but instead changes the level of infrared light (heat) or heat. How to change the light is configurable, this is referred to as the sensitivity of the detector. Motion detectors work best when a warm body touches their front as a person walks. PIR detectors are less sensitive to slow speeds or approaching objects. The general sensing range for a PIR motion detector is 25 to 35 feet (8 to 11 meters) from the sensor. Shortage of PIR detectors PIR detectors measure heat and therefore can interpret any sudden change in heat as speed. These may include a sudden sunb

What is cloud storage?

    Access your data from anywhere using cloud storage     How cloud storage works     Cloud storage vs. cloud backup     Examples of personal cloud storage options     How to choose the right cloud storage provider Access your data from anywhere using cloud storage. Cloud storage is cloud storage (online). Instead of keeping your files on your local hard drive, external hard drive, or flash drive, you can save them online. There are multiple reasons to use cloud storage services. Maybe your local hard drives are running low on disk space, in which case you can use the cloud as additional storage. If you want to enable your music collection to stream from anywhere, access your work files at home, easily share holiday videos, etc., you can upload your files online to the cloud storage service. Another reason to use cloud storage is if you want to secure important passwords and important files behind encryption. In short, cloud storage not only comes with backups but also security and th

Just like your internet can disappear

  Just like your internet can disappear The Internet is an uncertain, climate change not ready for the future This is our outage Not so smart We can't lose it The guards The Internet is not ready for the future of an uncertain, climate change. This is our outage However, when the distraction comes home, and I literally come home, it hits us differently, reminding us that what we receive can go digital in the blink of an eye. After 95 degree-plus temps for the past week or so, I have been relieved to see the trend of lightning on the horizon. Of course, I got more than my bargaining as the clouds began to cut lazy circles over my house and the sky turned into a beautiful pale shade of green. We avoided a tornado, but the wind, rain and lightning were intense. Naturally, the family hunted while sitting at home and spread out in two rooms to watch Netflix. An hour or so later the sky flashed again, although the show was icy on two TV sets even though my energy was intact. We gathered

How to update Internet Explorer

  How to upgrade to Internet Explorer 11, the latest version of IE  What is the latest version of Internet Explorer?  Microsoft's Edge browser  IE support on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP How to upgrade to Internet Explorer 11, the latest version of IE Identify your language from their language list (for example, English) and then click the 32-bit or 64-bit link to get that version for your computer. If you are not sure which download link to choose, read it. Not using Windows 7? Refer to the "iSupport" section below for more information on IE11 in other versions of Windows. The downloads at the link above are for full, offline versions of IE11, which means downloading all the installation files you need. They welcome the online version they offer here, but if you have trouble installing your current IE or you want to keep the file on a flash drive or any other media, offline is best. You should only update Internet Explorer from Microsoft! A number of legitimate website

How to create a website

                                                                                                                                                                                                     The best way to create a website and publish it quickly on the web  HTML CSS  Create a website from scratch: Start with purpose: Plan a website Design the site Collect content for the site Find a web host and register a domain Choose a website builder and theme Build and test your website Publish your website Colette Teske Colette Teske is a freelance writer who focuses on consumer electronics. He writes articles, how-tos, newsletters, training manuals and white papers. The best way to build a website is to look for a web host that has all the services of your website and it provides a website building application that will create the type of site you want. That way, your site will be up and running faster. Although these website builders do a lot of work, you need a good plan, a skilled desi

The 8 Best Free Web Hosting Providers of 2020

Our editors independently research, test and recommend the best products; You can learn more about our review process here. We may receive purchase commissions from our selected links. Rundown     Best of all: Awardsspace, "a veteran of the web hosting business that has been around for almost 15 years."     Best for Unlimited Storage Capacity: X10 Hosting, "Great Uptime Records, Server Response Time and Loading Speed, All Included"     Best Website Builder: Wix, "for most users, especially newcomers, the features offered by Wix are substantial."     Best for unlimited bandwidth: Webbley, "Lots of professional looking templates to choose and edit when creating your website".     Best Linux Web Hosting: Freehostia, offers "Dedicated Server and VPS Hosting, which makes their paid plans attractive"     Best for technical website owners: Free Web HostingAria, "This web hosting service is for any technical person who bothers website crea

How to get an Apple Student Discount

Apple does not verify your listing when it buys, but they do audit it from time to time. By using the Apple Education Store, you agree to allow Apple to contact you at a later time for verification. If you are unable to verify your enrollment at that time, Apple reserves the right to charge your credit card for the difference between education and regular prices on the items you purchase. Who is eligible to exempt Apple students through non-payment? In order to qualify for the Apple Student Discount Code through Anidades, you need to meet a few basic requirements and be able to prove that you have met the requirements. To use Unides, you must:     At least 16 years old     Currently admitted to a college or university     Enable access to a .edu email issued by your school, or a credit card style student ID from your school Andyids does not allow parents to sign up for their child. Students must sign up on their own and meet their age and enrollment requirements. What can you get from